Master Microsoft Publisher

Learn Any Level for $295

In this course students will gain hands-on training creating newsletters, greeting cards and certificates using Microsoft Publisher. Students will create, format, edit and share publications. Perform basic and advanced tasks in Publisher; create, share, and print publications.

With Microsoft Publisher Training from Holt, you can create beautiful newsletters, publications, and social media posts.

Program Snapshot


Hands On

40 hr


By course end, you’ll be able to:

  • Effortlessly navigate within the program
  • Create and use templates
  • Create a catalog, newsletter, brochure and so much more
  • Add content to a publication
  • Format, edit text and apply schemes
  • Create tables and insert symbols and special characters
  • Insert and customize graphics/pictures
  • Prepare a publication for sharing and printing
  • Automate communication using mail merge
microsoft publisher

Delivered in-person and/or virtual instructor-led by a Microsoft Certified Expert Trainer. 100% hands-on and a Holt guarantee!