Create real-world, flowcharts, organizational charts, and workflows.

Microsoft Visio curriculum serves students with a variety of occupational objectives. It prepares students to use application software to solve business problems and increase efficiency in the workplace. It also provides education for office careers by focusing on developing human relations skills, communication skills, as well as skills in modern office technology systems and procedures. The sophistication of the office systems technology field demands trained and competent personnel, and Holt offers the opportunity for this training for careers as Administrative Assistants, Office Managers, Directors of Information Support Systems, Office Supervisors, Word Processing Managers, Trainers, Marketing Support Representatives, Desktop Publishers, and Office Automation Specialists.

Holt can help you become proficient in Visio!

Program Snapshot


Hands On

30 hr


Upon completion of this course students will be able to create drawings using shapes, stencil connectors, and the advance features in Microsoft Visio.

100% hands-on and a Holt guarantee!

Microsoft Visio

20 Instructional (Traditional, Virtual/Blended or In-Person) Hours, and 10 Lab hours.


*Not available in the state of Virginia