Master Microsoft Access 

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Participants will gain hands-on experience in Microsoft Access creating databases. Students will create and modify blank desktop database, create a database from a template, create a database by using Import objects or data from other sources, delete database objects

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Program Snapshot


Hands-On Always!


Credits - Up to 3



40 hr


By course end, you’ll be able to:

  • Create and modify a blank desktop database

  • Create a database from a template

  • Create a database by using Import objects or data from other sources

  • Delete database objects

  • And much more!

Our MOS Access course is designed to help participants master office skills that are essential in today’s competitive marketplace.

Delivered in-person and/or virtual instructor-led by a Microsoft Certified Expert Trainer.  100% hands-on and a Holt guarantee!  Earn college credits and certification

Microsoft Office Specialist
Microsoft Office Specialist

Course includes: 30 hours hands-on live instructor led training + 10 hours of lab