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Francine Holt is the Founder and CEO of Holt Computer Training (Holt Trains) & Holt Staffing, a one stop human resourcing portal that meets the managerial, training and supporting staff needs for corporate America. She is also the Founder and CEO of the Holt Career Services an organization committed to providing entrepreneur and career services to veterans, underserved, unemployed, youth and military spouses.

Re-Established in 2017 and under Holt’s leadership, Holt Staffing specializes in creating opportunities, nurturing talent and training skilled workers for companies poised to advance the quality of their office’s administration to maximize their service to the world.

Whether providing computer training to Fortune 500 corporations or lending a personal touch through her one-on-one individual consulting, her company HoltTrains offers an extensive selection of vendor-authorized computer software instruction and certification to address your IT needs. With the same attention to excellence, Holt’s Staffs assists, connects businesses with advanced skilled talent to address their day-to-day operations. Holt Staffs provides staffing supervisors, trainers, shift managers, legal secretaries, and executive/administrative assistants to many of the country’s top investment bankers, law firms and countless word-processing centers.

What Clients Say

The training I received at Holt literally changed my life. I went from a cashier at a supermarket to working at a major investment banking firm in a matter of months. The investment I made into the program, I received back 100% in my first paycheck. Holt's training program works.

Andrea H.

What Clients Say

Very high powered training, none of the other schools or sites compare to this sort of intense and well put together program of the Microsoft and excel applications. I have put this training to work and have really excelled and landed a fantastic job!! Well worth the money and training most of all.

Karen D.

Holt Computer Training & Consulting Services, Inc. and Holt Creative Staffing has earned Francine Holt several awards denoting excellence (including the Black Enterprise Small Business Award and the Working Woman Social Business Award). These companies have also opened the window to another training ground that seeks to be a bridge between the business world and the new pool of trainees.

In 2019, Holt rebranded their company to what it is now known as, Holt Computer Training. This new and improved learning platform provides training for individuals hoping to enter in the corporate workforce with competitive skills to procure in various supporting staff roles. The institute will provide training as well as on the job training through an entry level/ internship process that matches students with viable employment in an office setting. This dual pronged partnership not only prepares tomorrow’s leaders for the workforce but provides legal & investment banking firms with first opportunity employment to 24-hour word-processing operators, supervisor, managers, trainers, help desk, administrative assistants, proofreaders, and graphic operators. Francine Holt is a woman on the move with the mind to change how businesses look at staffing their workspaces.

Her newest initiative Holt Career Services, Inc., that launched in the Fall of 2021, was not only a great recruitment source for businesses but a social justice campaign, changing the way young people look at opportunity. Through working with high schools and community organizations across the country, Holt Career Services, will teach word-processing and coding, customer service skills to underprivileged teens who are not ready to go to college.



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